Road maintenance

L2R range: from road assessment to predictive maintenance

“Repairing the right place at the right time reduces costs by more than 20%.”

1. Road damage assessment

L²R provides a solution for road assessment and predictive maintenance (for cities and disctrict).

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2. Audit report / Road database

L²R Base is a road database which makes it possible to control, store and update data according to a road reference system (crossroads, etc.) and to display requests on a maps based interface (Google Earth, Openstreetmap…).

Source : Routes de France
3. The optimized maintenance planning

Optimize maintenance policies thanks to the innovative algorithms of L²R Program to design a multi-year maintenance program for road infrastructures. All constraints are considered.

Models and algorithms have been developed within several theses in collaboration with several top-level French laboratories.

Repair in the right place, at the right time

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