About us

Our vision : bring data back to communities

Communities have great difficulty managing their infrastructure because they do not have the right data.

Our Mission: Restore the control of Data to Communities. This data belongs to them!

Our hundreds of current customers, in France and abroad are unanimous: we can reduce the road maintenance budget by more than 20% in just 5 years, while maintaining the same level of service. Moreover, we can save carbon footprint cause by overconsumption of traffic on roads. 

And this by having a preventive policy rather than a curative one. It is better to fix cracks as soon as they appear than to wait and fix potholes!

Our mission will be completed when all communities, large and small, can have access to their qualified information to help them preserve their road assets.

If our software is able to improve the French road quality by 20%, the carbon footprint gain is equivalent to the consumption of a city like Grenoble (160,000 inhabitants).

On the scale of France, we could therefore save 20% of the 15 billion annually spent on road maintenance: 3 billion euros/year. In a time of economic research, it is worthwhile to be interested in it!

The Logiroad company

LOGIROAD is a company resulting from the UGE (ie. IFSTTAR, LCPC laboratory) which develops solutions to help managers maintain and thus preserve their road network.

Composed of more than 35 engineers and researchers, and a recognized know-how, LOGIROAD offers ever more innovative solutions around the world.

LOGIROAD AI brings together advanced research activities in artificial intelligence.